Faux Wood Blinds

From the overwhelming popularity of the 2” wood blind came 2” and 2 ½ “ faux woods. These blinds are made from a Polymer. The Polymer used is an opaque, high quality Polymer that will hold up in extreme conditions (e.g. water, moisture, or intense heat) or even with misuse from a destructive child. Being made of Polymer also makes them easy to clean. These blinds are often used in children’s rooms, bathrooms, above kitchen sinks or, in some cases, throughout the entire home. The faux wood blinds are truly a great alternative for any room. Polymer material is excellent for high moister areas over showers and tubs in the bathroom or sinks in the kitchen. Faux Wood blinds are a good solution for areas where the blinds have a chance to get splashed with water or food because they are easy to clean. The smooth polymer finish can be wiped down with a damp towel or hand cloth. Because it looks and feels like a wood blind, Faux woods can be used in a living room to express the warmth and distinguished look of a real wood blind. Prices can vary by brand, size, fabric and lift options chosen.