Composite Shutters

Composite hybrid shutters blend the look of finely painted real wood shutters with the strength, stability and straightness of advanced modern-day materials to create design in perfect harmony. With more than 250 design options, composite hybrid shutters won’t ask you to compromise on style. These shutters are custom built for all types of windows and doors. Even those openings with unusual, elongated or arched shapes can be outfitted with ease. Composite Shutters shown with the standard tilt bar running down the center of each panel.

Composite shutters with an upgraded hidden tilt bar are also available. This upgrade eliminates the tilt bar running down the center of each panel to create a better view through the panel. The louvers are all connected with a thin bar on the back of the panel that is “hidden.” Because all of the louvers are connected by this bar the movement of one louver moves all of them. Prices can vary by brand, size, fabric and lift options chosen.